Colorful Summer Camp


During the 8th week of Montreal Confucius School’s 2006 "Summer Paradise", at the invitation of school board, we discussed with some teachers, parents and students and found out that the Montreal Confucius School "Summer Paradise" had several features:   


Elegant and Comfortable School Environment  

For its summer project, the scope of activities in school has two parts: teaching and lecturing outside the building. It was the hottest year in the history of Montreal, but students could learn in comfortable, bright and spacious classrooms with air-conditioning and beautiful small courtyard. They seemed to forget about the hot sunshine outside. Of course, the kids liked sports and outdoor activities. They played soccer at school’s playground.   


Excellent Teachers Guiding Students  

Art institution graduates and teachers who have many years of teaching experience had been hired such as language and math teacher Huang Jihong and Lin Shu. They took a variety of flexible teaching methods, according to the different characteristics of children. They focused on recreation, the intellectual development of students while enriching their knowledge.  Art teacher Hu Jingjing and Li Dan also prepared a big highlight of the summer paradise. They followed the children's painting characteristics to cultivate their interest in drawing, developed their imagination and creativity to lead their students within eight weeks of artwork. At music course of Professor Li Cheng, you could always hear children’s jubilant laughters.   


Physical Forms of Entertainment  

Every day, kids had sports and recreational activities, so that children could really feel the "happy holidays." Competing in the soccer field or “Clashing” at the Ping Pong tables, or confronting with the chess, the children were especially excited. Listening to stories, roping skipping, and games for children…


Summer School Classes of Varied Subjects  

In addition to several summer camp classes, according to the children's needs and interests, our school opened the classes of varied subjects for primary and middle school students: English, French intensive courses, advanced French, Ballet classes, and so on. Both English and French classes were in small classes with local school teachers lecturing and assignments to consolidate teaching results. At ballet class, due to the number of applications doubled, the school had to consider other solutions. The "Summer Paradise" deeply focused on children’s nature. The parents deeply acknowledged that their children here had learned a lot of new knowledge and also had enhanced their physique.