Colorful summer—Montreal Confucius School 2009 Summer Camp Concluded


Colorful summer—Montreal Confucius School 2009 Summer Camp Concluded

Scientific management, specialized teachers, small class, wonderful environment, physical and arts education

This is a fun-filled summer

This is a knowledgeable summer

This is a strengthened physique summer

This is a colorful and lovable summer

August 21,2009 “ Summer Paradise” has concluded successfully. In these 45 days, the children have increased the knowledge, have strengthened their physique, and have obtained friendship. It is unforgettable Summer Camp, we would remember all these days forever.

Safe and comfortable campus environment.

In the bright and spacious classrooms, we could enjoyed the pleasant temperatures which is supplied by the central air-conditioning. And also the two big outside children amusement park and the sport ground all let the children feel living in the fairy tale world.

Professional teachers and advanced teaching equipment

“Summer Paradise” has hired the English and French teachers from the local school, and all the specialized and professional teachers (such as Fine arts, Art and Sports) who have plenty teaching experience.

The French teacher M. Vincent, he could simplify the complex grammar through the interesting explanation. With the French words match, words guessing and quiz, all the children have improved their French. And so many parents wish that M. Vincent could continue to teach in our Confucius School on every Saturday.

The English teacher Mme. Sumayya, she emphasis on English writhing, grammar and reading. The children benefit from the useful teaching method such as the quiz and writing match. She also get the requirement from the parents to continue teaching in our Confucius School.

Chinese teacher likes using the vivid stories, the songs and the colorful expressions help children to learn and improve their interest.

Dance teacher trains children’s sense of dancing rhythm through the exercises of the body’s rhythm, imitation and the basic dancing training.

Art teacher M. Nie, he emphasis on activating children’s desires according to different character of children. Children have improved the understanding of color, creativity and the line understanding. Exception of major students, there are also 98% minor students. Total there are more than 1000 pieces of art works.

In 40 days our Badminton team never stopped training. Students have obtained the comprehensive and systematic training.

The new computer classroom is the best classroom. The learning of the Earth’s structure and the origins of the Canadian flag all have opened the children’s eyes and mind.

During our Summer Camp, we try to improve their cultural knowledge and strengthen their physical in the limited period.

Small class teaching is the best way to pay attention to each child.

Every Monday and Friday we compare the result of quiz, because student’s achievement is the best way of teacher’s assessment.

We join the social actives to promote Chinese culture.

In July we participated in the Montreal International Dragon Boat Festival, we are the only school not only put up tents, but also promote the Chinese culture, launch our Art Exhibition. We teach the kids to draw and to do the manual activities. The performance of our lively dance and the Guzheng were unanimously praised by everyone.

On 16 August we took part in the West Island’s “International Day”. Because our excellent performances, the mayor is pleased to bring all the municipal councils to take a photo with us.(which is the only photo they took with the association)

Varieties of activities bring a lot of fun to the children; let them feel a real “Happy Summer”

We go to the farm, to the beach and cinema. We play in the park, play the football and go swimming. We dance and sing. We read the stories and play games. All make the children and their parents enjoy it, they forget the time and do not want to leave our camp.

Nutritious and delicious Chinese food is an important factor for a child to strengthen his physical

The school board arranges the daily recipes, and cooked by the private professional chefs. The meal of 4 dollars includes: rice, meat, vegetables, fruits and beverages. In addition to individual responsibility, the president herself goes to the restaurant every day to check the children’s food, to ensure that every child absorb all the nutrients.


In the closing ceremony the performance of dance, Chinese Kongfu, poetry, self-compiled sketches and aerobics attract everyone deeply and let them forget to leave. Everyone enjoy the happy environment, they thanks the Summer Camp, and hope we could be together next year.


Good-bye, 2009 Summer Camp! Good-bye, students!

See you on 5Th September at Confucius School! See you 2010 Summer Camp!