Spring Break 2009


The Confucius School of Montreal’s Spring Break Day Camp has had an amazing success.

This year’s camp has welcomed 15 children, who not only come from different English and French schools, but also come from various Chinese schools. Their age ranges from 5 to 11 and they are students from kindergarten to fifth grade. During this extraordinary week, the kids have gone from complete strangers to friends who have played and laughed together. They participated in many activities, including chess, ping-pong, story-telling, riddle-solving, magic tricks, making paper planes, and solving the Rubik’s cube. Using chairs and a lot of imagination, the entire week has been spent travelling on trains, ships and airplanes.

       For more educational activities, the Confucius School has expressly invited Mrs. Juan Wang to teach the youngsters singing and origami, and Mr. Zhiheng Shu to teach them drawing and paper-cutting. Fairview Park was also a perfect location for our camp’s success. Enjoying the last few days of winter, the children have gone skating, tobogganing, or just playing in the snow. For the last day of camp, Principal Mrs. Li herself has brought the kids to the D.D.O. swimming pool for an unforgettable afternoon.

       Our volunteers have also played a big part in the camp’s success. They have shared their great knowledge, contribution, and kindness to the kids. Many thanks to the volunteers, Roger Huang, from Marianopolis College; Kathy Liu, Simon Fan and Yixin Liu, from Collège Charlemagne; Xinyu Wang, from Collège Beaubois; and Michel Jiang, from École d’éducation internationale de Laval.

       Dear friends, if you didn’t solve the Rubik’s cube or if you forgot how to do the magic tricks, welcome to be back to the Confucius School anytime. Our wonderful teachers and volunteers at the Confucius School of Montreal would be happy to help you.